Stacks of Love

Stacks of Love
I always feel thrilled when a customer returns to me to make additional rings for their stacks. Often these are wedding rings or rings to mark special life moments. Here are some of my faves.
Sapphire opal ring
Maggie's rings. Rose gold, opal, Australian parti sapphire and Ceylon sapphire.
Diamond and opal ring stack
Opal and gold ring (top) made to complement the customer's diamond ring.
opal and sapphire ring set
Rose gold and white gold rings set with heirloom sapphires and diamonds. We added the opal for even more rainbow sparkle!
Sapphire, diamond and opal ring.
Gold, sapphire, diamond and opal stack.
If you have an idea for your own special stack then please get in touch or make an appointment to come into my studio and discuss.