Precious Family

Precious Family

Several years ago I met the amazing Katrina. At our appointment she unfurled a remarkable collection of family jewels including diamonds and garnets.

Katrina spoke with such fondness about the family who had worn the jewels before her. She remembered the diamonds being left on while baking and the stones becoming jammed with dough.

The brief was to use the stones from multiple rings - to make them into a new stack of rings that could be worn as a set and ultimately given to her younger family members as treasured heirlooms.

 I dare say that this ring stack has become my most iconic set. It is so often referenced by other clients who love the rocky nest of sparkle. 

This year, Katrina brought her nieces into the Real Job Studios showroom and we designed each a special 18th birthday ring.

A few months later, I had the pleasure of remaking their mum's ring!

It brings me such joy to have met this family and been trusted to make such special pieces.

If you are interested in using sentimental stones, please contact me or book an appointment to chat in person.

 Jane's Ring. Diamonds removed and reset. 2018.
Milly's Ring. Sterling silver, sapphire, opal. 2018.
Charlotte's Ring. Rose gold and opal. 2018.